Why Vote for Mike

Straight to the point... Mike has been a public servant for the the last 31 years. He is an accomplished leader that will put his constituents first! Mike is pledging to the voters his support to move forward:

  • Support the public education system in the district and continue to provide our children with opportunities to successfully achieve a higher level of education.

  • Work in assisting our business community in their recovery efforts from the COVID pandemic. Our local business owners must be successful in creating new jobs.

  • Work with our public safety leadership and personnel to ensure a fair, transparent and accountable system; and also ensure a great quality of life for our citizens.

  • Continue to move the State's renewable energy program forward to counter the impacts of climate change. Ensure our citizens have the availability of all energy options to keep costs affordable.

  • Partner with state government and local communities to ensure responsible growth and development in our district and other areas of the state.